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Eric Gambrell serves as the head of the firm’s fiduciary litigation practice and a leader for the complex litigation national practice. Gambrell is a courtroom lawyer with a national practice prosecuting and defending high-stakes breach-of-fiduciary-duty and fraud-related claims and other contractual disputes arising from failed business and personal relationships. Mr. Gambrell’s experience includes cases across the country from California (including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco) to Delaware and, among others, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska and Texas in between. Mr. Gambrell focuses on disputes between founders and equity funds, limited partners and general partners, buyers and sellers of private companies, hedge funds and investors, trustees and beneficiaries, and high-wealth family disputes.

Mr. Gambrell represents businesses and high-net-worth individuals in breach of fiduciary duty, fraud litigation and commercial matters. Mr. Gambrell is a courtroom lawyer, regularly appearing for trials, hearings and depositions in both state and federal courts and at arbitration to represent clients in aggressively prosecuting their claims and defending their interests. While his practice intentionally includes varied areas of high-stakes commercial trial work, he focuses on fiduciary duty and fraud matters arising from failed business and family relationships, including in disputes involving transactions concerning founders and equity funds. Mr. Gambrell also presents seminars regarding fiduciary duties to boards of directors, including as part of the directors’ onboarding process.

Representative Matters
Mr. Gambrell’s recent engagements include:

prosecuting a former fund manager for breach of fiduciary duties and fraud involving investments in excess of $50 million
prosecuting numerous former executives and their co-conspirators who have breached their fiduciary duties, including through raiding their former companies’ information and talent, violating their non-competition agreements, usurping corporate opportunities, and/or defrauding their former employer
prosecuting a law firm and defending its legendary founder in fiduciary-duty and contractual disputes
defending a founder of a leading medical publishing company in disputes following the sale of his company to an equity fund
prosecuting an equity fund and defending its CEO in a matter over the control of an internationally-known hospitality design company
defending an equity fund against breach-of-contract and multiple tort claims
defending a leading handset manufacturer in an attempted national class action seeking $250 million in damages
prosecuting a worldwide geotechnical engineering firm for breaches of fiduciary duties allegedly resulting in widespread catastrophe to a residential neighborhood
defending a hospital CEO against purported breaches of fiduciary duties under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA)
defending an international media and publishing conglomerate in an attempted national class action
defending high-profile individuals against attempted extortion
prosecuting a national restaurant chain for its failure to pay a leading foodservice provider millions of dollars
defending breach of fiduciary-duty claims by limited partners of a restaurant chain
prosecuting a bank for breach of fiduciary duties relating to its refusal to sell assets
prosecuting breaches of fiduciary duties by a temporary guardian.

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