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Ron Adkison has been practicing law since 1979. Ron is one of the finest litigation attorneys in Henderson TX. His practice is focused on civil trial law in the areas of Personal Injury, Business Litigation, Oil & Gas Litigation and Insurance Law. Mr. Adkison offers mediation services in these areas as well. He is well-known in courtrooms throughout north and east Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana for his fearless advocacy for small and medium-sized businesses and individuals faced with complex litigation.

The Adkison Law Firm

The Adkison Law Firm tries cases in the following areas with an impressive track record of results for clients. In addition to trial work, the firm offers mediation services for cases in civil trial litigation, commercial litigation, oil and gas litigation, insurance litigation and personal injury cases.

Civil Trial Law

Ron Adkison has close to 30 years experience preparing and trying civil cases in state courts, district courts, federal courts, arbitration and mediation settings. He is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Known for his poignant cross examinations and powerful closing arguments, Ron’s list of case successes covers a wide range of civil trial areas, from Insurance and Personal Injury to all forms of Business Litigation and Oil and Gas disputes, earning clients millions of dollars in recovered damages.

Commercial Litigation

Ron Adkison focuses his commercial and business litigation practice on representing small and medium-sized companies. So often smaller businesses are bullied by large corporations which is exactly the type of fight we tackle with great confidence and success.  Our experience covers complex contract and antitrust litigation, business tort cases of all kinds (including fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and unfair competition claims against companies and their directors and officers), as well as contract disputes, patent infringement, arbitration, and construction cases.

Insurance Litigation

Ron Adkison’s experience in insurance litigation includes all types of representation, from breach of contract to liability (all civil).
Our firm understands all sides of the insurance business which translates for our clients into highly effective strategic planning for cases.

Oil & Gas Litigation

Given the geographic location of Ron Adkison’s practice in east and north Texas, along with bordering areas of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, many of his cases have centered around oil and gas disputes. Years of experience have accumulated representing royalty owners, producers, surface owners and operators involved in contract disputes, handling cases that, among other things, focus on majority surface damage and royalty interest owners seeking payment.

Personal Injury

Ron Adkison’s experience in personal injury cases includes representation for products liability, automobile accidents, trucking accidents, work-place injuries and catastrophic injuries. We focus on seeking maximum recovery of lost wages, lost earning ability and medical bills. When our clients face long-term changes in their lives due to the injuries, we make sure to pursue every possible angle and resource to ensure fair compensation.

Personal injury cases are typically taken as contingency fee cases, meaning there is no cost to the client in attorney fees. However, when we are successful in obtaining compensation for our clients’ damages, a percentage of the compensation is paid to our firm. An initial consultation, free of charge, with our legal team is highly recommended. It offers an opportunity for clients to get to know our team and also allows us to properly assess the case.